February 10, 2016

Osborne offers little insight into Huskers “alternate” uniform

Nebraska Athletic Director Tom Osborne has agreed to allow Adidas to design an alternate uniform that the Cornhuskers will wear in one home game next season. The design isn’t final, and while it will be different from the standard red jersey with white numbers and two white stripes on the sleeves, it won’t be as wild as the Oregon look. Osborne said, “It will be more futuristic, but it won’t be outlandish. It won’t be so dramatic that fans won’t know what team they’re watching.”

For those fans who are into the more traditional look, be prepared for a different looking helmet as well. While it’s not for sure Adidas will make that change, Osborne would neither confirm or deny a change.

It’s a fine line between tradition and appealing to young recruits, but it gives schools and companies like Adidas an opportunity to sell more merchandise. “It does seem to appeal to the student-athletes. Most older fans don’t get overly excited about it,” Osborne said. “We’re walking a fine line because we are traditional, but we also recognize the fact that we don’t have to stay the same all the time.”

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