February 7, 2016

Morel mushroom time in Nebraska

Moral Mushroom

Moral Mushroom

It is officially morel mushroom time in Nebraska. Nebraska Game and Parks Commission spokesman Greg Wagner says you can always tell if it is time to go mushroom hunting is if the lilacs are in bloom, which they are.

Wagner has already been scouting out the best sites for morel hunting. He has found mushrooms along the river bottoms of the Elkhorn and Platte Rivers. He says because of the early arrival these tasty tidbits likely won’t be around too much longer.

Wagner reminds hunters to get permission before going onto private property. Hobby picking for morel mushrooms is allowed on State Game and Park’s owned or controlled property. You will need a park permit if you are utilizing state park areas. If you are mushroom hunting on other public land, make sure you first check for special regulations.

Wagner says it is best for first time morel hunters to go with seasoned professionals who know what they are looking for. Those who brave it alone and question what they have picked Wagner says take them to Game & Parks for identification.

He says wear tick repellant as those pests are very bad this year.

He suggests only hunting river bottom areas for now as morels have not yet popped on higher ground.

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