February 6, 2016

Brrr! Eastern Nebraska faces Freeze Warnings & Watches tonight

Freezing temperatures are expected across eastern Nebraska tonight, which could cause some major problems for growers of fruits and vegetables — along with thousands of backyard gardeners.

Paul Domoto, a horticulturist, says the amount of damage will depend on the low temperatures.

“If it drops below 28 or to 28, we’re going see some initial damage,” Domoto says. “But if it drops below 25, we’re going to see extensive damage.”

Temperatures are expected to drop into the 20s tonight in northeast Nebraska, where 19 counties are under a Freeze Warning. Another ten counties in southeast Nebraska are under a Freeze Watch where temps may bottom out around 30 degrees.

Fruit growers have been worried about a freeze for weeks, as blossoms arrived about a month early this year. Domoto says grape growers shouldn’t be too worried.

“One of things about grapes, they have primary and secondary buds. So, we may lose the primaries, but the secondary bud will break and grow and depending on the variety, that can be fairly fruitful,” Domoto said.

Learn more about tonight’s watches and warnings at www.weather.gov/oax


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