February 7, 2016

BBB warns of email scam

A warning to Verizon customers… a fake email is making the rounds that tell customers they owe a very large bill and need to click on a link for details. Nebraska Better Business Bureau President Jim Hegarty says even though the alert is nearly identical to what Verizon really uses, it is a fake.

He says other companies are included in this scam including the Better Business Bureau, LinkedIn and U-S Air to name a few. He says this phishing scam is coming out of the Ukraine and it is primarily designed to load malware into business computers that looks for bank credentials. It then sets up fictitious vendors and starts pulling money from your bank account.

Hegarty says they are sending these emails out by the hundreds of thousands so to play it safe it is a good idea to call the business in question to ask if they are trying to correspond with you.

Hegarty says you can spot a fake email by hovering over the links and checking whether the URL leads to the company’s website. If it is a scam it leads to a third party site. If you receive a suspicious email, delete it and do not click on any links.

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