February 13, 2016

UNL receives grant to help create new agricultural policy structures

The University of Nebraska – Lincoln received a two-year grant totaling more than $766,000 from the U-S Department of Agriculture to establish a new policy research group within the Center for Agricultural and Food Industrial Organization. UNL agricultural economics professor Dr. Konstantinos Giannakas will lead this research project that takes a close look at all consumers and producers and analyze each and use that data to establish more accurate and effective policies.

Dr. Giannakas stated “This will allow us to determine the affects of different policies on different consumer and producer groups.”

Dr. Giannakas says there are many different types of consumers and producers and the ag policies in place now do not take individual preferences, income, and other factors into consideration. He stated, “rarely are we able to go and say this is going to happen to the low income consumers or with consumers with aversions or say strong preference to organic food or producers that less efficient, smaller producers so this framework that our group will be developing will allow us to take up agricultural policies and determine exactly the market and welfare effect, how different groups will be affected by those policies.”

Once developed, this new framework will be used to analyze important policy issues, including market potential and best regulatory response to food nanotechnology to policies relating to downstream water pollution issues, least-cost policies, rural economic development and much more.

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