February 8, 2016

Bicycle riders pay respects to those killed/hurt with Ride of Silence

Bicyclists in at least two Nebraska cities will gather and ride their two-wheelers in a slow line tonight as part of the Ride of Silence. Organizer Scott Sumpter says it’s a solemn tribute.

“The ride exists so we can ride in honor and pay respect to those who have been injured or killed while cycling on public roadways,” Sumpter says.

The Nebraska Office of Highway Safety says two bicyclists were killed in motor vehicle collisions in the state last year, while 279 were reported injured.

Sumpter says it’s an unfortunate fact that cyclists aren’t always respected by careless motorists.

“Every year, we see bicycling grow but we also see a few people get hit and killed,” Sumpter says. “We’re out there to raise awareness that the cyclists have the legal right to ride the roads.”

He says the bike riders will only be rolling along at maybe 10 or 12 miles an hour, often with a police escort.

“Every ride is supposed to start at 7 PM,” Sumpter says. “It’s just a silent procession, a really slow ride. It’s almost like a funeral-like procession.”

Rides are being held in: Lincoln and Bellevue. The rides only go between eight and ten miles in distance.

Learn more at: www.rideofsilence.org


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