February 14, 2016

Governor Heineman Comments on Assistance Sent to Colorado Wildfires

Governor Dave Heineman has sent assistance to Nebraska’s neighbors to the southwest, to help control raging wildfires in the state.

“We actually had the Nebraska National Guard send a Black Hawk helicopter to the State of Colorado to assist them.” Governor Heineman said.

The UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter arrived to the Fort Collins, Colorado area… equipped with a bucket, used to scoop around 660 gallons of water from lakes.

Heineman said Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper called him yesterday to thank the Governor for sending the help.

“We were reciprocating a lot of events like that, where we assist other states and when we’re in need… they’re here to help us.”

The crew left Lincoln on Tuesday. They are likely to be deployed for two weeks.

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