February 12, 2016

Hot weather road related problems

During the winter months the Nebraska Department of Roads is busy with pothole repairs but they battle another hazard in the summer months. Maintenance Supervisor Jim Laughlin says roads can easily hit 150-degrees in the summer and 30 below in the winter and temperature extremes are hard on pavement.

Laughlin says last weekends rain combined with temperatures in the 90’s the past few days created the perfect storm for roads to buckle. The moisture underneath the road starts to expand and there is nowhere for it to escape so it buckles the pavement.

On Tuesday several lanes of westbound I-80 in Omaha were closed to traffic after a bridge expansion joint popped loose and exposed metal. Several cars rolled over the exposed metal that flattened tires. Laughlin says they quickly cut the metal and put on a temporary patch to get traffic moving again and later returned to make permanent repairs.

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