February 7, 2016

Minus Senator Mike Johanns’ amendment, Senate passes farm bill

Nebraska U.S. Senator Mike Johanns vows he will continue to press the Environmental Protection Agency for transparency.

Senator Johanns’ amendment failed to make the farm bill, but he says the vote was close and very bi-partisan… sending a strong message to the EPA.

“They’re (EPA) doing something very seriously wrong”, Senator Johanns says. “They need to be more transparent and more accountable”.

Johanns says the amendment needed 60 votes… it received 56 votes, including 10 votes from Democrats.

Despite his amendment not making the final version of the bill, Senator Johanns says he was very pleased with the bill and voted yes. He adds there are many good things about the reform-minded bill that’s good for Nebraska agriculture.

“I do think it’s a step in the right direction for agriculture”.

The farm bill passed today with 64 votes. It now goes to the House of Representatives

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