February 13, 2016

Update on officer involved shooting during Omaha standoff

Lance Wetzel

Lance Wetzel

Two Douglas County Sheriff’s deputies are back on the job from administrative leave after an officer involved shooting during a standoff Monday. Authorities say 36 year old Lance Wetzel had been involved in a domestic disturbance prior to a traffic stop. At that time he refused to get out of his vehicle and was armed. Chief Deputy Marty Bilek says when Wetzel decided to get out of his car a deputy armed with a tazer saw this as an opportunity to disable Wetzel and then take him into custody.

Bilek says Wetzel when the temporary effects of the tazer wore off Wetzel managed to grab his shotgun and point it at officers. That is when a deputy fired one shot hitting Wetzel. Immediately afterwards Wetzel then fired his weapon into the air.

Wetzel remains hospitalized.

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