February 13, 2016

Going on vacation? Wait ’til you get back to post pix on Facebook

Many Nebraskans are planning long vacations over the summer months and law enforcement officials are issuing reminders so they won’t become victims of a home burglary.

Crime prevention specialist Tim Pillack says many people make it easier on burglars by telling them when they’re out of town.

“One of the things we’re seeing lately is people are posting on Facebook and other social media sites that they’re going on vacation or posting pictures of (themselves) on vacation,” Pillack says. “When you post things like that, thousands of people can see it.”

Police aren’t sure how large a role Facebook plays in break-ins, but Pillack says some people are making themselves easy targets.

“If you’re going to post things, I would wait until I got home and say, ‘This is what I did on vacation,’ as opposed to, ‘Here I am on vacation in southern California,’ or wherever you might be,” Pillack says.

He also advises vacation-bound Nebraskans to inform a neighbor beforehand, so they can pick up their newspapers or mail and keep an eye on their home.

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