February 8, 2016

USA Swimming officials in Omaha for swim trials worry about wildfires

While the national sporting spotlight is shining on Omaha for the U-S Olympic Swim Trials, officials with USA Swimming who are in the metro for the event are on pins and needles. Executive Director Chuck Weilgus says while focusing on the event at the Century Link Center in Omaha they are also keeping one on the raging wildfires in Colorado Springs. USA Swimming is headquartered there.

Nine USA Swimming staff members homes back in Colorado Springs have been evacuated and one member lost everything.

Weilgus says staff members here in Omaha are updated regularly with photos and other information. If a staff member feels they need to leave Omaha arrangements will immediately be made. He says they are doing everything within their power to be of assistance.

Nearly 350 houses have been destroyed in the Colorado Springs Waldo Canyon wildfire and one person killed. Several people are reported missing.

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