February 8, 2016

Ad against Fischer angers Republicans, defended by Democrats (AUDIO)

An attack ad against United States Senate candidate Deb Fischer angers Nebraska Republicans while Democrats defend it as accurate.

In the ad now running on Nebraska television stations, Democrats criticize Republican Deb Fischer for signing a no-tax pledge while supporting tax breaks for millionaires, a charge Nebraska Republican Party Chairman Mark Fahleson claims is a wildly inaccurate distortion.

“Deb Fischer is the only candidate in this race who’s pledged not to raise taxes on Nebraska families and businesses,” according to Fahleson. “Bob Kerrey, on the other hand, has made it clear that he’s ready to vote for more tax increases and even more federal spending.”

Fahleson charges that while the ad might bear the name of state Democrats, the money behind it flows from Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Bob Kerrey, incumbent Democratic Senator Ben Nelson and national party leaders in Washington. Fahleson points out that Nelson also signed the no tax pledge sponsored by Grover Nordquist and his group Americans for Tax Reform.

But, Nebraska Democratic Party National Committeeman Vince Powers says the ad doesn’t just take aim at Fischer’s pledge not to raise taxes.

“The ad is correct,” Powers counters. “What we’re talking about is not only the Grover Nordquist tax pledge, but also the fact that she opposes the Buffet rule which would make the tax code more fair.”

The Buffet rule has been named after Omaha billionaire Warren Buffett and would make changes to the federal tax code enforcing higher taxes against the wealthy, who often make their living off of investments.

The ad this early in the campaign testifies to how important the race is both in Nebraska; and nationally.

AUDIO: Brent Martin reports. [:55]

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