February 5, 2016

Bed bugs still a big pest for travelers

There are many summer events in Nebraska that many people will be taking advantage of ranging from the State Fair in Grand Island, Kool-Aid Days in Hastings to John C. Fremont Day’s in Fremont. Many families will be packing their bags for either a long weekend or traveling to other destinations or sending their child to summer camp. Missy Henriksen is Vice President of the National Pest Management Association and says everyone planning an overnight stay away from home needs to take precautions against one specific pest.

The Association has identified bed bugs are the most difficult pest to control because they are hitch hikers and can easily move from one location to another. Henriksen says while professionals know how to effectively get rid of them but it is best not to get them in the first place.

Henriksen says when checking in to a hotel, bed and breakfast or getting a child settled at camp do a quick check to make sure there is not a bed bug infestation. She says inspect the bed, behind the headboard, sofas and chairs for any sign of the bug. Check the mattress for anything that looks like black pepper flakes as that is likely bed bug dirt or excrement of dried blood from a prior feeding. Keep all suitcases off the floor or other furniture as a bug can easily crawl inside.

If you see bed bugs change rooms or establishments.

Henricksen says when you return home take everything out of your suitcase. Wash and dry all clothing using the hot cycle.

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