February 7, 2016

GOP suggests Bob Kerrey created Cornhusker Kickback (AUDIO)

Mark Fahleson

Could Bob Kerrey have been the author of the Cornhusker Kickback?

Republicans have raised the question while Democrats laugh it off.

Nebraska Republican Party Chairman Mark Fahleson raised the question, stating it appears Democrat Bob Kerrey played a crucial role in securing Sen. Ben Nelson’s crucial vote to approve the federal healthcare law two years ago with his innovative approach to Medicaid.

“When voicing the support for the public option during a forum in New York, Bob Kerrey strongly advocated to federalize the payment system to take Medicaid off the books for state governments,” Fahleson stated during a recent news conference. “That’s what the Cornhusker Kickback was in a nutshell.”

The National Republican Senatorial Committee also made it an issue with this story on its website.

It’s an accusation Nebraska Democratic Party National Committeeman Vince Powers laughed off and then brushed aside when Nebraska Radio Network called for a reaction.

Vince Powers

“You’ve got to be kidding me?” Powers asked in reply. “Are they that hard up?”

Powers called the suggestion one of the wackiest political statement made in Nebraska in a long, long time.

AUDIO: Brent Martin reports [:50]

AUDIO: State GOP Chairman Mark Fahleson suggests Bob Kerrey authored Cornhusker Kickback. [:55]

AUDIO: Democratic National Committeeman Vince Powers responds to Fahleson. [2 min.]

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