February 13, 2016

Paul supporter says tension at state GOP convention overblown (AUDIO)

A Ron Paul supporter says media reports about potential conflict in the State Republican Party Convention in Grand Island tomorrow have been overblown.

Some reports indicate security might have to be beefed up as Ron Paul supporters crash the Mitt Romney party in Grand Island. Ron Paul is the Texas Congressman who represents the libertarian-wing of the Republican Party and attracts an extremely dedicated following.

Laura Ebke with the Republican Liberty Caucus of Nebraska is one of those. She and other Paul supporters plan to make their presence known at the state convention, even though they understand Romney has wrapped up the nomination and has the support of the Nebraska Republican Party establishment.

Ebke likens it to a football game in which one team might well be far behind and knows it cannot win, but still wants to play until the final whistle.

Tension between various Republican factions rose to a point where Ebke approached State Republican Party Chairman Mark Fahleson for a discussion.

“Chairman Fahleson and I sat down and talked and had a very cordial discussion,” Ebke told the Jack and John Show on Nebraska Radio Network affiliate KLIN. “We felt like we needed to calm the nerves a little bit and agree to disagree on some things. When the game is over, we’ll shake hands and we’ll go have a drink together and we’ll be friends.”

Nebraska is seen as important to Ron Paul supporters throughout the nation. They want their candidate to have a chance to speak at the national convention in Tampa, Florida. Romney doesn’t seem inclined to grant the opportunity without being forced. If Paul supporters pick up enough support tomorrow in Grand Island, Nebraska would become the crucial 5th state backing Paul, allowing his name to be placed in nomination at the national convention and guaranteeing a speaking slot.

AUDIO: Brent Martin reports [:45]

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