February 6, 2016

During super-hot days, don’t forget your kids in the car!

As temperatures again climb into the upper 90s, Nebraskans are being reminded to not leave their children in closed vehicles during these hot summer days.

Sioux City police officer Chad Sheehan says police responded three times last week to rescue children who were left in locked cars.

“It’s my understanding that none of those resulted in any serious injuries, but it’s important to know and a reminder to the public that you can be charged if a child is left unattended in a vehicle,” Sheehan says.

The charges could include child endangerment or child neglect.

Sheehan says it’s simple to ensure that your child is safe.

“We recommend that they always check the back seat of their vehicle — or the third row seat if they are driving a larger minivan or S-U-V — check that area before you lock your vehicle and walk away from it,” Sheehan says.

Temperatures in a car can reach 123 degrees in just an hour when the outside temperature is 80 degrees.

Sheehan says 537 children have died in the United States since 1998 from being left in a hot vehicle.

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