February 13, 2016

Final sentencing in pizza deliveryman’s murder

Larry Fountain

Larry Fountain

The final person out of the four who took part in the murder of Christopher Taylor in Omaha back in 2010 was sentenced to prison Monday. Taylor was a pizza deliveryman and was on a call to what turned out to be a vacant apartment in Irvington, Nebraska. However, the apartment was not empty. There were at least two men waiting inside waiting to rob him. That robbery led to Taylor being stabbed a number of times and left to die.

18 Larry Fountain was sentenced to 4 to 6 years in prison for his role in the murder. His attorney, David Herzog says Fountain had let the two men who killed Taylor use his cell phone to order the pizza.

As Fountain was led away in handcuffs his father became enraged and was escorted from the courthouse. One of the men who murdered Taylor is serving a life sentence and the other sentenced to 100 years. The third person was sentenced to up to 15 years on a robbery charge.

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