February 10, 2016

Gov. Heineman sees areas for growth in state economy (AUDIO)

Gov. Dave Heineman/NGA photo

Nebraska boasts a strong economy, but Governor Heineman insists it can grow stronger.

Heineman took his passion for economic growth to the National Governors Association as chairman in which he refined suggestions for states to grow their economies. Heineman entitled his initiative as chairman, “Growing State Economies”. It outlined six drivers of economic growth and suggestion 12 actions states can take to grow their economies gleaned from four regional summits held the past year.

Focus is a key to a state’s job growth, focus on the industries within its borders which show the greatest potential. Agriculture, Agri-Business and bio-technology have been a big boosts to Nebraska. Heineman sees promise in other industries.

“But, it’s insurance and finance, it’s transportation, it’s technology, it’s telecommunications, alternative energy,” Heineman tells Nebraska Radio Network. “These are all industries that we have a significant presence here in the state of Nebraska and all are moving forward. We want to continue to help them move forward.”

Heineman says that while Republicans and Democrats within the NGA might differ on politics, all strive to help their states create jobs. In economic policy, states tend to be pragmatic, says Heineman.

AUDIO: Brent Martin reports [:45]

AUDIO: Gov. Heineman speaks with Brent Martin about Nebraska’s economic future. [4 min.]

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