February 8, 2016

Hassebrook returns to the Center For Rural Affairs

Chuck Hassebrook says it is good to be back fighting the battles to create a better future for rural America. He recently resumed his role as Executive Director at the Center for Rural Affairs.

Earlier this year Hassebrook took a leave of absence to run as the Democratic candidate for the U-S Senate. Hassebrook says there are many issues facing rural American and he is ready to once again fight for a good cause. One of those issues to make way for beginning farmers. He says the Center will continue to fight for a beginning farming program. Young farmers are competing against mega-farms who bid land away from those just starting out.

Small town USA used to be dotted with many businesses ranging from Five & Dime’s, hardware stores, grocery markets, lumber yards and pharmacies. That isn’t the case today as many “mom and pop” stores have called it quits. Hassebrook says rural America is finding innovative ways to fight back and the rest of us must support their efforts. He says wineries and internet businesses are several ways those living in small towns and on farms are finding ways to make a living.

Hassebrook says the Center hopes lawmakers in Washington continue to work on the Farm Bill.

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