February 12, 2016

Big Ten says Commish won’t have power to fire coaches

The Big Ten Conference has no plans to give its commissioner, Jim Delaney, the power to fire coaches. In a statement released Friday, the conference says “giving emergency powers to the commissioner to fire personnel is not under consideration” by its 12 presidents and chancellors.  The Chronicle of Higher Education first reported earlier this week that the conference was considering giving the commissioner power to punish schools with financial sanctions, suspensions and even the ability to fire coaches in the wake of the Penn State scandal.

The conference said that was “an early draft put together by the Big Ten staff in order to surface all of the options available.”

Once the story went public, a couple of Big Ten school officials came out and shot down the idea. University of Minnesota president Eric Kaler said he doubted that individual schools would be willing to give up control over personnel. Michigan athletic director Dave Brandon said that idea “came from left field.”

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