February 12, 2016

Chadron State completes internal investigation of football program

An investigation by Chadron State College (CSC) and the NCAA enforcement staff regarding possible infractions in the football program at CSC has been completed, and that CSC has sent its report of the investigation to the NCAA and the Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference for review.

Last fall, Chadron State self-reported possible NCAA violations relating to unauthorized checking accounts opened by former Eagles head football coach Bill O’Boyle and invited the NCAA enforcement staff to work cooperatively with the College to investigate the possible violations.

According to Nebraska State College System (NSCS) Chancellor Stan Carpenter, which aided in the work, the College’s investigative report is being forwarded today to NCAA officials for review. Consistent with NCAA enforcement procedure, the enforcement staff will review the report and determine whether to issue a Notice of Allegations. The report is available to the public online at the Chadron State College website at the link provide

Chadron State report

The report lays blame mostly on head football coach Bill O’Boyle who opened three private bank accounts and credits college administrators for investigating the accounts.  A recently released Chadron State College-NCAA investigative report says O’Boyle violated NCAA bylaws by opening the outside accounts to hold funds to finance the college’s football program.  The college suspended O’Boyle last October and did not renew his contract.

“I’m confident that our goal of moving CSC athletic programs forward in a positive manner is being accomplished. Our primary focus has always been, and will continue to be, to provide quality academic and extra-curricular programs to benefit our students,” Carpenter said.

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