February 9, 2016

Semi-truckload of squealers is finally sent packing for the West Coast

More than 200 hogs from Iowa that were stranded in a broken down semitrailer near North Platte have been released from custody.

The hogs were loaded into another livestock truck Wednesday night for the trip to California. The hogs were standed for several hours on Tuesday when the semi broke down in North Platte.

Officials had to hose down the animals in the 90-plus degree weather and they were finally taken to the Lincoln County fairgrounds. The truck was repaired but the driver was cited for several violations, including animal cruelty.

A judge issued a court order to release the hogs Wednesday afternoon. The company, transporting the hogs, Lynch Livestock, was ordered to pay $1,500 for their care.

By George Keltz, KXNP, North Platte

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