February 5, 2016

UNMC hosts international conference for researchers, students

Scientific researchers and students from seven universities in four countries are in Omaha this week for a summit on topics ranging from cancer to genetics.

Dr. Ken Bayles, a head researcher at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, says it’s important to work with Chinese researchers as funding has plateaued in the U.S., but it’s growing in China.

“In China, the research enterprise is expanding,” Bayles says. “So we benefit from this interaction by being able to draw from the resources the Chinese government has invested in research.”

More than 70 students and researchers are taking part in the International Student Research Forum and the Joint Research Symposium.

Bayles says collaboration across national borders is vital to advance health sciences.

“It’s really important for people to get together, whether it’s the Olympics or a scientific research forum like we’re having here at UNMC,” Bayles says. “It’s wonderful to see the students realize that we’re all pretty much the same. You know, we have all the same goals.”

Bayles says there are significant research benefits to working with China.

“We are able to attract really talented researchers from China and address very important biomedical questions that will directly benefit the health of our citizens,” he says.

A UNMC news release says the goals of the conference include: “strengthening research collaboration towards developing new knowledge that will benefit the health of Nebraskans and those around the world.”

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