February 9, 2016

Fischer says country should leave NCLB behind (AUDIO)

GOP US Senate candidate Deb Fischer (at right) speaks with her mother, Florence Strobel, as the Educators for Fischer Coalition gather

Republican United States Senate candidate Deb Fischer said today it’s time for the country to abandon No Child Left Behind.

Fischer said the goals of the federal education standard were admirable, but it quickly became a bureaucratic burden on the states.

“I’ve always been a strong proponent of local decision making. I think decisions are made best when they’re made at the state level,” Fischer stated during a news conference at her childhood home in Lincoln. “In Nebraska, we have an elected State Board of Education. Those people understand the districts that they represent. They understand the needs of the children in those districts and the needs of the school districts in their board districts that they represent. That’s how best to serve students.”

Fischer, a state senator from Valentine, said too many federal education requirements only add paperwork without helping to educate children. Fischer said NCLB might have begun with good intentions, but it has become a burden to the states.

“I think it went wrong just getting tied up in bureaucracy,” Valentine said. “The goals were admirable; that every student should receive a quality education. But, most times when things happen at the federal level, bureaucracy takes over.”

Fischer said NCLB might be well meaning, but it has become a paperwork nightmare for the states.

“Why should a state have to send information to the Department of Education on correspondence they’ve received from the Department of Education?” Fischer asked.

Fischer said the states should be left with the responsibility to set education standards.

Several educators joined Fischer in the news conference that announced the “Educators for Fischer Coalition”.

AUDIO: Opening of news conference held in Lincoln to announce “Educators for Fischer Coalition”. [7:30]

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