February 12, 2016

Fischer says she and Kerrey approach entitlements differently (AUDIO)

US Senate candidate, Republican Deb Fischer

Republican United States Senate candidate Deb Fischer says she hasn’t studied Democrat Bob Kerrey’s entitlement reform proposal, but does says the two candidates approach the issue differently.

“I would say with Mr. Kerrey’s proposal, though, he and I begin with a philosophical difference,” Fischer says. “I do not believe that we have a need to raise taxes in order to raise revenue. I believe that we create jobs and that’s how we raise revenue.”

Fischer agrees adjustments must be made to keep the two entitlements from going broke, especially Social Security.

“So, for those 40 and younger, we need to look at means testing. We need to look at age of eligibility,” according to Fischer. “Those are two suggestions in order to be honest with them so that they can make plans to plan for the needs in the future.”

Kerrey has called Social Security and Medicare a $60 trillion unfunded liability that must be addressed if the country is to get its fiscal house in order.

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AUDIO: Republican US Senate candidate Deb Fischer discusses entitlements. [1:45]

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