February 9, 2016

President talks drought, gives shout out to Nebraska during speech (AUDIO)

Hundreds of Nebraskans made the short drive across the Missouri River Monday morning to hear President Barack Obama during a campaign stop in Council Bluffs, Iowa. The president didn’t waste time in addressing the drought. He said the best way to help these states suffering from drought is for Congress to pass a Farm Bill to give farmers and ranchers some long term certainty.

President Obama stated we need to be there for the farmers and ranchers as America depends on them to feed our families and we need to be there every day for them as they continue to deal with this drought.

Today Obama also announced the U-S Agriculture Department will purchase more than $150-million in meat and fish to help livestock producers going through a tough time right now. That food will eventually end up in the Federal Food Nutrition Program.

During the speech when Obama mentioned Council Bluffs by name, a member of the audience shouted, “Omaha”.  Obama picked up on the mention and said he didn’t want to leave his Nebraska audience out.

Obama, in 2008, captured a Nebraska electoral vote by winning Omaha.

AUDIO: President Obama’s speech in Council Bluffs, Iowa [31:30]

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