February 9, 2016

President Obama stopping in Omaha-area this morning

The mayor of Council Bluffs sees a two-state strategy in the first stop President Obama will make during his three-day campaign tour of Iowa.

Obama is scheduled to speak at about 11:30 in a Council Bluffs park. Council Bluffs Mayor Tom Hanafan says there’s a benefit to visiting Council Bluffs, as voters in both Iowa and Nebraska will see the president in the Omaha-based media.

“With Omaha being next door, we have about 900,000 people in this metro area,” Hanafan says.

Iowa’s six electoral college votes are clearly up for grabs in November’s election, but so is one electoral vote in the Omaha area — Nebraska’s second congressional district — as part of Nebraska’s electoral votes are not alloted based on the statewide vote, but decided instead by the popular vote inside each congressional district.

Hanafan spoke with us this morning as he sat inside City Hall in Council Bluffs — right across the street from the park where Obama is appearing.

“We have people lined up, been here since 6:30 this morning. If you go out and look, (there are) an awful lot of people from Omaha, a lot of people from Sarpy County — which is Nebraska and I think it just makes sense,” Hanafan says. “He probably won’t go into Nebraska, but he’s as close as he can get.”

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