February 9, 2016

UNO criminologist knew Milwaukee shooter

A criminologist at the University of Nebraska – Omaha spent a significant amount of time with Wade Michael Page, the man responsible for the killings at a Milwaukee Sikh Temple. Peter Simi met Page and others as a graduate student studing white supremecy. Simi says for over two years he interviewed Page during his studies and met with him for meals and for games of pool. Simi says Page was very open to speaking with him and sharing his ideas and was very interested in the research.

Simi says while speaking with Page he had to put on a good “poker face” and showed no emotion during the interview sessions as Page talked about issues he did not agree with.

Simi knew that Page had a number of firearms but never seemed to show tendencies of committing a massacre such as the one in Milwaukee. Simi goes on to say that Page was very devout in his beliefs and knew he did possess firearms but showed no tendencies of committing a massacre.

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