February 6, 2016

End of the line for the Fremont Dinner Train

After nearly 24 years the Fremont Dinner Train appears to be chugging off into the sunset. Bruce Eveland manages the dinner train and says their main concern is the condition of the line they are currently running on. He says repairs to the track and excessive vegetation along the line is cause for concern. He says in 2010 the Fremont Historical Society sold the train and the Fremont Elkhorn Valley Railroad line to a company out of Missouri and there have been no upgrades made since they took over operations.

Eveland says they are seriously considering a move to Baldwin City, Kansas and continue discussions with an organization there. He says the economy is also playing a role in the move as the number of passengers has dropped over the past few years.

Eveland says they are looking at their last run on the Fremont Elkhorn Valley Railroad at the end of September. They hope to have their dinner train up and running in Kansas by the holidays.

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