February 10, 2016

Nebraska rural residents favor alternative route for Keystone XL pipeline

The University of Nebraska – Lincoln released their results of their 17th annual poll sent to residents of 84 non-metropolitan counties last spring. Becky Vogt is the Nebraska Rural Poll project manager and says several questions centered on the Keystone XL Pipeline.

The poll showed that 65% agreed the pipeline should be built along an alternative route that avoids the environmentally sensitive Sand Hills and most of the Ogallala Aquifer. Fifteen-percent disagreed.

Last spring they sent out their 17th annual survey to 6,350 residents in 84 non-metropolitan counties. Vogt says 2,323 responded to their poll that also showed opinions were mixed on who should control the decision to build the pipeline. 73% agreed that if the government ultimately decides the fate of the pipeline the decision on location should be controlled by the state and not the federal government.

Forth-four percent of Panhandle residents agreed the decision on the pipeline should have been left to landowners and the pipeline with no government involvement. 27-percent of those in South Central and Northeast regions agreed.

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