February 12, 2016

Some schools struggle to stay tech-savvy

As many students head back to school, some schools are struggling to keep classroom technology up-to-date.

Randy Anderson, superintendent of the Hartington and Crofton school districts, says it’s a challenge to offer students the latest computers and software when education budgets are extremely limited.

“We can only expend a certain amount of our previous year’s budget,” Anderson says. “If you want to keep current and strong in your academic areas, those types of programs always have to be at the forefront in your thought process.”

Anderson says it’s tough to stay current with computer hardware.

“Many of our machines are in need of upgrades or replacement,” Anderson says. “Even though you have machines in the system, you always run into the situation, like right now, many of the machines are weaker, they need repair or replacement and often it’s easier to replace.”

By Jerry Oster, WNAX, Yankton

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