February 7, 2016

Bat bites Omaha man


Bat bites man

Be on the lookout for bats. An Omaha man was bit by a bat Wednesday evening after it had gotten into his home. Mark Langan is Vice President of Field Operations for the Nebraska Humane Society in Omaha and he says the bat is on the way to Kansas State University where it will be tested for rabies.

Langan says rabid bats are not common but last year there were two confirmed cases in Omaha alone.

Langan says in late summer bats start searching for shelter and bats often find their way into homes. He says if you find a bat in your home try to confine it on one room. Since bats can fit through small spaces roll up a towel or rug and put it at the bottom of the door and call animal control for help removing the bat.

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