February 11, 2016

CDC recommends Hepatitis C testing for Baby Boomers

The U-S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is now recommending a one-time test for the Hepatitis C virus for all Baby Boomers. Dr. Mark Mailliard is a gastroenterologist who treats patients with Hepatitis C at the University of Nebraska Medical Center and he says data shows more than three-million Americans could be infected with this virus that destroys the liver but don’t know it. Three-quarters of those carrying the Hepatitis C virus are Baby Boomers.

Dr. Mailliard says health officials are concentrating on that age group because Hepatitis C is spread blood to blood and that age bracket was more susceptible due to lifestyle choices.

Dr. Mailliard says Hepatitis C is very slow to develop, in some cases taking up to 30 years before an individual shows symptoms. A spike in the number of deaths from Hepatitis C since the late 1990’s is prompting this move.

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