February 10, 2016

Congressman Terry sees a simple task ahead for Congress (AUDIO)

Congressman Lee Terry says the task ahead for Congress is simple.

“Well, the first is economy; the second is economy and third is economy,” Terry responds when asked by Nebraska Radio Network about what should be Congress’ priorities when it returns from the August recess.

Terry says everything else pales in comparison as the nation’s economy fails to move forward.

“We really have to get our economy turned around and get our country going in the right direction so that entrepreneurs and businesses want to start hiring, feel confident that the economy is going to grow so that they will hire,” Terry says.

Terry says he was disappointed Congress left Washington with so much left undone. He says lack of action by Congress stalled job growth. Terry says work on tax policy would have helped businesses plan.

Terry, a Republican, says Congress should extend the current tax code, Bush-era tax cuts and all, for a year while it debates true tax reform, making the tax code simpler and tax rates flatter. He says the direction the debate takes depends greatly on who wins the presidential election.

AUDIO: Brent Martin reports [:40]

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