February 13, 2016

It now appears Sky Tram will be up and running at State Fair

Workers repair Sky Tram at State Fair in Grand Island

The Sky Tram at the State Fair might be up and running after all.

The prospect of the Sky Tram created a lot of buzz about the State Fair, until the wreck. One of the three trucks carrying the Sky Tram to Grand Island collided with another truck on I-80 in early August, catching on fire and destroying the Sky Tram parts it carried. The other two trucks carrying Sky Tram equipment made it to the fairgrounds safely.

The wreck placed in peril a highly touted new addition to the State Fair.

State Fair Board Chairwoman Jana Krueger of Arlington says it now appears the repairs will be made in time for the Sky Tram to debut in Grand Island this year.

“The tram? I think they’ve just about guaranteed us that it’s going to be up and running, everybody has just pulled together 110% to make it happen; got the parts in, they flew up people and we’ve been helping,” Krueger tells Brownfield Ag News. “It’s going to be because of a joint effort on both parts.”

Krueger says State Fair officials consider the Sky Tram a great addition to the fair.

“Grand Island’s kind of flat,” Krueger notes. “So, it’s a great bird’s eye perspective of the whole grounds. You can just see for miles up there. So, it’s just really fun to be up that high and be able to say, ‘Hey, I want to go see that next.’”

The State Fair begins tomorrow and runs through Labor Day.

Ken Anderson, Brownfield Ag News, contributed to this report.

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