February 12, 2016

Fischer pledges to stay focused on Nebraska (AUDIO)

Republican Deb Fischer promises to keep her candidacy for the United States Senate focused on issues and the two candidates’ records.

Fischer says she will highlight the differences between herself and Democrat Bob Kerrey throughout the campaign.

“This is a serious time. We’re talking about one of the most important races in the history of our country, because the focus is on Nebraska,” Fischer tells Kevin Thomas on Nebraska Radio Network KLIN’s Drive Time Lincoln. “If we’re going to change the direction that our country is headed, it starts here in Nebraska.”

The current political make-up of the United States Senate gives an indication of the importance of the race. The current Senate is comprised of 51 Democrats and 47 Republicans. There are two independents who caucus with the Democrats, giving the Democratic Party a 53-to-47 majority. Democrats enjoyed a 57-41 majority prior to the 2010 mid-term elections.

Incumbent Ben Nelson, a Democrat, has decided to retire. Republicans hope to pick up the seat. Democrats have countered with Kerrey, the former governor and United States Senator.

The race has received a lot of national attention with Fischer’s route to the nomination adding intrigue to the race.

Fischer vows not to be distracted.

“You know, I’m staying focused on Nebraska,” Fischer says. “After the primary, I was invited to be on a lot of national programs, because I was supposedly this person who came out of nowhere to win the primary. But, instead, I got in the car and I started traveling the state again. That’s what’s important.”

An invitation for a one-on-one debate made by Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace was quickly snatched up by Kerrey, who used the acceptance as a platform to repeat his criticism that Fischer has been reluctant to debate. Fischer says there’s no reason to accept the invitation by Fox.

“Personally, I think it’s more important to be here in Nebraska, talking to Nebraskans than to be on a national TV show,” Fischer says.

Fischer does say her campaign will work with the Kerrey campaign to arrange two other debates in addition to the State Fair debate.

Kevin Thomas, KLIN, contributed to this report.

AUDIO: Republican Deb Fischer speaks with Kevin Thomas of KLIN’s Drive Time Lincoln. [5:45]

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