February 9, 2016

Fischer to GOP convention: I’m not your typical politician (AUDIO)

State Sen. Deb Fischer introduced herself as “not your typical politician” to fellow Republicans at the national convention in Tampa, Florida.

Fischer had been scheduled to speak to the convention on Monday afternoon, but when Republican officials canceled the first session due to concerns about Tropical Storm Isaac, which since has moved west along the Gulf Coast and become Hurricane Isaac.

Her time was re-scheduled for early this afternoon, a slot among the Congressional candidates getting special attention by the Republican Party this election cycle.

“Becoming a U.S. Senator was never an ambition of mine. But over the last four years, I’ve

become very dismayed with the record spending, the record debt, and the record unemployment,” Fischer told the delegates. “The Obama administration has been out of touch with the American people, and they’ve driven our country towards the edge of a fiscal cliff. We’re on track to become the first generation that passes on fewer opportunities to the next. And that is unacceptable.”

Fischer, a two-term state senator, says her experience as a Nebraska legislator will prepare her for work in Washington. Fischer said the state has cut spending, balanced its budget and cut taxes.

“And most importantly, we got government out of the way and we let the private sector do what it

does best: grow our economy and create jobs,” Fischer stated.

Fischer said that what had been done in Nebraska can be done in Washington, because the country has only two options left.

“We can either continue the same failed policies of the past, or we can begin to make the tough

decisions and lead our country responsibly,” according to Fischer. “We have a tremendous opportunity to set our country in a new, more prosperous direction, and it begins in November.”

Fischer’s speech lasted about two-and-a-half minutes.

AUDIO: State Sen. Deb Fischer’s speech to the Republican National Convention. [2:30]

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