February 10, 2016

Speaker Flood weighing whether to run for governor in 2014 (AUDIO)

He has served as the Speaker of the Legislature and now is considering a run for governor.

Legislative Speaker Mike Flood tells Nebraska Radio Network he hasn’t made a decision, yet. He says he’s still looking at a run, traveling the state and getting a lot of input. Flood says it’s a big state with a lot of places to go and a lot of people to see.

Flood, a state senator from Norfolk, says he will gauge the support his candidacy might attract across the state, consider whether the skills he has will fit the position and have a serious talk with his family before committing to the 2014 race.

Flood says the next governor state faces some big issues.

“Well, obviously, being competitive from a tax standpoint with states like South Dakota and Wyoming (with) zero percent income tax is a challenge to create opportunities in Nebraska,” Flood says. “Certainly, maintaining a focus on creating jobs and opportunities for young people.”

If Flood decides to run, he says he will run on the record of the legislature while he was Speaker.

“I think people are generally comfortable and excited with the growth we’ve seen in Nebraska and our fiscal stability and our budget work. They want to see more of that in the future,” according to Flood.

AUDIO: Brent Martin reports [:40]

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