February 7, 2016

One baseball fan knows how to “stir up the storm” at Chasers games (AUDIO)

Jan Huff stands and tries to rally Omaha fans during a recent Storm Chasers’ game.

The NFL’s Seattle Seahawks has their “12th man,” in honor of their fans. However, the Omaha Storm Chasers have their own version of a super fan. He should be called Omaha’s “10th man.” Meet Jan Huff.

AUDIO Listen to our feature on Omaha’s super fan (1:00)

He has been to every Storm Chaser home game but two this year. He uses a homemade megaphone (a.k.a. as plastic jug). He uses a Sunny D bottle that he cut the top and bottm off of, and several other fans copy him and have their own jugs as well. He gets the crowd pumped in run scoring situations with his “Stir up the storm” chant.

His favorite Storm Chaser is David Lough because both of them are from Ohio, and he likes to chant “Go Go Lough” when he is at bat. His nick name for Will Myers is “A OK Will” because when he heard they were bring him up to AAA he thought that was, “A OK.” He likes to tell Omaha pitchers to throw interesting types of pitches including the onion ball (the onion ball in his words is a pitch that will come in so fast and furious that it will make the opposing pitcher cry).

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