February 5, 2016

Sharing roadways with farm equipment

Harvest is off to an early start this year and Nebraska Highway Safety Administrator Fred Zwonechek says slow moving vehicle will be on highways and county roads so be prepared.

Zwonechek says there are between 60 and 90 accidents each year involving farm equipment in Nebraska and two or more fatalities. Although drivers may become agitated when they have to follow a slow moving vehicle make sure to keep the road rage in check. Combines, grain trucks and tractors will win if you hit them and honking the horn isn’t going to help. If you are tempted to pass remember that the equipment operator can’t move over because the shoulders may not be able to take the extra weight. If you try to pass you risk a collision with another vehicle.

During the fall, drivers headed eastbound in the morning have another obstacle to deal with for the next few weeks. Zwonechek says the sun glare can be blinding and he advises drivers keep their windshields clean, turn headlights on, buckle up and slow down.

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