February 14, 2016

Field and grassfires keep firefighters busy

Firefighters in the Panhandle and northern Nebraska battled huge wildfires this summer but there have been plenty in other areas of the state as well. On Tuesday, Gretna Fire Chief Rod Buethe says they responded to call after call to fight field fires to those in back yards. One of the largest was south of Highway 6.

Chief Buethe says they had to close the highway due to large amounts of smoke creating visibility problems. Firefighters credit nearby farmers for helping to control the fire by jumping on tractors and disking the field to create a fire break.

That fire was started by a nearby construction crew working on a bridge. They were welding and the strong winds carried sparks to the nearby field. Fire authorities ask that during these dry conditions everyone needs to be careful with smoking material or with anything that can cause a spark.

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