February 5, 2016

Balloons return to Memorial Stadium in Husker game day experiment

There will be balloons at Saturday’s Husker game in Lincoln after all. Michael Sibbersen is the Science and Technology Coordinator at Strategic Air and Space Museum near Ashland and says for several weeks Nebraska K-12 and UNL students and 4-H’ers have been working on experiments that takes their projects that will take them to infinity and beyond.

They have packed pods containing several experiments that include cosmic ray sensors, seeds and candy that will be attached to two weather balloons and launched during half time at Saturday’s Husker game in Lincoln.

The balloons will go up about 19 miles into near-space and the flight from start to finish is a couple of hours. Depending on the jet stream they can travel anywhere from a few miles to more than 100. They are equipped with GPS so they can be easily tracked and recovered.

Both weather balloons will be launched during halftime Saturday. Nebraska native, Astronaut Clayton Anderson will stand on the 50-yard line and give the thumbs up to launch.

Teachers, students and fans will be able to track the balloon’s progress live at “tinyurl.com/bigredballoon” and post flight photos and videos will be posted on the Strategic Air & Space Museum’s website at “sasmuseum.com”.

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