February 14, 2016

Website created to help Nebraskans cope with drought (AUDIO)

Nebraskans struggling through the drought have a new resource to which they can turn.

A website launched by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension offers resources from the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

UNL Extension Assistant Dean Kathleen Lodl says the website is comprehensive and forward looking.

“We have information that is useable right now, but actually we’re planning for what the next phase of information needs to look like six months from now,” Lodl tells Nebraska Radio Network.

That’s because, according to Lodl, this drought will have long-term effects.

“Of course, at any time things could change, we could get rain and life would look at lot differently than it does today, but we want to help clients prepare for what it might look like so that they have some of the best decision tools that they can get related to the future,” Lodl explains.

The Nebraska Drought Resources website address is http://droughtresources.unl.edu/.

The website doesn’t just cater to agricultural needs. Though it offers extensive resources for farmers and ranchers, it also offers tips to the homeowner worried about how the drought will affect his lawn, trees and bushes.

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