February 6, 2016

Chamber launches website to solicit big ideas for state’s future (AUDIO)

NE Chamber of Commerce Ex. VP Richard Baier introduces new website to gather ideas from citizens about the state’s future

Nebraska Chamber of Commerce officials want to hear from you, especially if you are young.

Chamber Executive Vice President Richard Baier announced this morning during a news conference in Lincoln that the Chamber’s Forging Nebraska’s Future Initiative has launched a website to gather input from the public in a high-tech format.

“It is a way for people to really get involved,” Baier said. “We don’t often give the average citizen the opportunity to get involved and let their voices be heard. So, this really is that on-line brainstorming.”

The website is nebraskaideas.com. It will solicit a number of ideas for the chamber to consider as it attempts to attract people and jobs to the state.

Baier said he hopes that the website will gather 800 to 1,000 ideas from across the state on how best to attract new residents and new jobs to Nebraska. He said the ideas will be passed along to the Initiative’s Advisory Committee, which in partnership with elected officials and state leaders, will develop and executive an action plan to implement the 100 best ideas.

Baier said he hopes to lure more comments from young Nebraskans through the website.

“One of my concerns is that we haven’t done the best job in Nebraska historically of engaging that next generation,” Baier stated. “A tool like this is very, very attractive to the next generation and also to that person maybe who doesn’t feel comfortable getting up at a town hall meeting and making a statement.”

Nebraskans can also submit ideas through ForgingNebraska.com.

AUDIO: State Chamber of Commerce Ex. Vice President Richad Baier discusses new website. [6 min.]

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