February 13, 2016

Playing time coming for two young linebackers–Big Red Report (AUDIO)

The Huskers will be facing an opponent with a first year head coach for the third week in a row. It’s happening again for the Huskers who face the Red Wolves of Arkansas State coached by former Auburn offensive coordinator Gus Malzahn. Bo Pelini knows Malzahn from his time at LSU, but Pelini admits facing a new coach each week is challenging.

Earlier in the week, Pelini said they would re-evaluate defensive personnel and yesterday the coach said linebackers RSFr David Santos and JR Zaire Anderson are likely to pick up some quality playing time on Saturday if they’re needed against the Arkansas State spread offense. Pelini talks about their improvement over the last few weeks and how difficult it is for young guys facing teams, the coaches know little about.

AUDIO Listen to the Big Red Report (2:00)

Bo Pelini did not completely rule out Rex Burkhead, but he said he wants to make sure that when Burkhead plays, he’s 100%. Pelini rules Burkhead as doubtful.

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