February 9, 2016

Pelini receives clean bill of health, back at work (AUDIO)

Husker head coach Bo Pelini talked about his trip to the hospital during the game on Saturday. He said he woke up not feeling well the morning of the game and it got worse. As the game wore on, Pelini said he started getting dizzy and at that point, he was starting to get concerned.

Pelini said the medical staff made the right choice and once he got to the hospital, they obviously looked at his heart among several things to rule out. All the tests came back fine. He said his heart is healthy and he’s not just in good shape, but excellent shape.  Pelini went home and relaxed Saturday night and was back at the office looking over tape from the win as he prepares for Idaho State.

Pelini said he was touched by the amount of support and well wishes he received from those in the media as well as fans.

AUDIO Pelini breakdowns what happened on Saturday (:50)

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