February 6, 2016

Family worries missing California man might have fallen from train

Charlie Dowd/Family photo

The family of a retired San Francisco firefighter missing after boarding an Amtrak train last week in Emeryville, CA now believes he might have fallen from the train in northeastern Colorado or southwestern Nebraska.

The Dowd family has narrowed its search for 68-year-old Charlie Dowd to the Amtrak line running between Ft. Morgan, CO and Lincoln, NE.

Conflicting reports have placed a possible siting of Dowd in Lincoln or possibly viewing train schedules for Omaha while in Denver. Perhaps, the most promising lead has come from Amtrak officials who report a passenger saw Dowd near a door of the train at approximately 10pm Thursday, the 13th. Another passenger found an exterior door ajar about an hour later, but failed to report it to Amtrak staff until the next morning. Amtrak officials speculate Dowd might have opened the door and fallen out somewhere between Ft. Morgan and McCook, NE.

The Yuma County, CO Sheriff’s Department is coordinating a search in northeastern Colorado.

According to the family, Dowd left the San Francisco Bay Area on Amtrak Train 6 Wednesday, September 12th. He planned to ride to Montreal, Canada. His son Kevin, who lives in Montreal, spoke to him via cell phone on the 13th at approximately 6:30pm MST. Dowd failed to arrive in Chicago as scheduled, though his luggage, cell phone and medication did.

Anyone who might have spotted Dowd is asked to contact Amtrak Police at 800-331-0008 or the Dowd Family at 650-766-6470.

In addition, a Facebook page has been created


Contact information:

Amtrak Police: 800-331-0008 (reference case #12-010695.)

Dowd Family: 650-766-6470

Description, Charles Dowd:

DOB -3-11-1944

Age: 68

Sex: Male

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Gray

Height: 5’10”

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