February 10, 2016

Sen. Nelson blames the “Loud Crowd” for lack of action in Congress

Sen. Ben Nelson makes no secret who he blames for the lack of productivity in Congress.

Nelson aims his verbal barbs directly at a segment of the Republican Caucus in the House: the Tea Party. Nelson says the Tea Party dictates to Republican leadership how legislation is handled. And Nelson insists the Tea Party, which he dubs the “Loud Crowd”  has no interest in working with the Democrats who control the Senate or the Democrat who resides in the White House.

Nelson mocks the House for moving to approve a so-called continuing resolution, a measure needed to provide the money needed to keep the federal government running into next year.

“Joy in Washington, because the House finally decided it can pass a continuing resolution,” Nelson says. “I mean, I described it as a giant leap for the House and one small step for mankind.”

Nelson is a Democrat, who retires from the Senate this year after two terms.

Nelson turns a criticism of Republicans against them. Republicans have complained that the Obama Administration has caused great uncertainty in the economy, through the federal healthcare law, indications that taxes will rise and increased federal regulation. Republicans have argued that that uncertainty has kept business owners on the sidelines, afraid to invest and grow their businesses.

Nelson claims that it’s Congress, with its lack of productivity and its habit of postponing tough tasks that has sown the seeds of uncertainty.

“There’s no certainty for businesses to be able to decide that things will be permanent or, that they will be at least consistent for a period of time,” according to Nelson. “You can’t plan six days at a time.”

Nelson blames House Tea Party members on the failure of the House to move the Farm Bill.

“You know, if I sound like I’m disappointed in the House, I am,” says Nelson. “And farmers and ranchers all across our country and people should be disappointed. The partisan politics and the ‘Loud Crowd’ is controlling over there.”

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