February 8, 2016

Congressman Terry pushing for 30 year energy plan promoting natural gas

Nebraska 2nd District Congressman Lee Terry plans to push for new energy plan immediately following the presidential election that promotes a 30-year plan to promote and expand our natural gas production. Terry says there is enough natural gas in current production lines to last 100 years and new sources are being discovered.  Terry is a senior member of the House Energy and Commerce committee. 

Mike McGowan is the chairman of Metropolitan Utilities District in Omaha and says those who are now using vehicles that run on natural gas instead of gasoline are very pleased with the results. Gasoline prices are just under $4 a gallon and the equivalent of natural gas is just under $1.74. He says the mileage is equal to that of gasoline. McGowan says it makes sense first for industrial fleets to make the switch to natural gas and then follow by personal vehicles.

Terry says the U-S could also become a huge exporter of natural gas.

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